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What’s In Her Bag? With Tanvi Rastogi

We sat down with Tanvi, lifestyle and fashion blogger of Tanvii.com, to find out a little more about her go-to items that she carries in her bag on a daily basis!
While I would describe my personal style as colorful minimalistic,  my handbag is a whole other story. I like to be prepared. If I have learned anything from my travels and work it is that you can never be over-prepared. Below are a few of my must-carry-at-all-times: 
What is in my bag Tanvii.com
Wallet – The size of the wallet changes according to the size my my handbag, but it mostly includes ID, credit cards, debit card and insurance details. 
Keys – This is probably a no-brainer. We all need keys to enter our homes and cars. 
Business Cards – Every opportunity could turn into a chance to network. I never step out of my home without a couple of business cards. Not even to workout. 
Pen – I am a scribbler and a doodler. When stuck in a doctor’s office, or a long commute all I need is a pen and paper. 
Comb – Well, a girl needs one every now and then, right? 
Hand Lotion – I have OCD. Apparently, women over-use the hand lotion. And I am one of them. The more you moisturize the more you feel they are not soft enough. Figure that!  
Protein Bar – When I am on the go, I make sure to have at least one healthy snack in my bag. 
Portable Charger/Cord – As a blogger and social media expert, I use my phone anywhere from 12-16 hours a day. This has been a life changer.  
Sunglasses – One of my favorite accessories all year round. It is a bonus that they help avoid lines around the eyes and protect them from sun rays. 
Tanvi, creator of www.tanvii.com, describes herself as a modern-day-nomad. She grew up in New Delhi (India), then migrated to Dubai (UAE) at the age of 16. She did her bachelors in Switzerland and held her first job in London (U.K.). Since moving to United States in 2007 she has lived in three cities in the last nine years. She is a wardrobe stylist by day, and a lifestyle+travel blogger by night.

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