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The Desi Dolls Make Valentine’s Day Look Good

Kama asked our friends, the Desi Dolls,
to put together a few Valentine’s Day looks
to help ladies find the perfect outfit for any type of date.
Here is their exclusive guide to a happy, memorable V-day:


The month of romance is upon us, and we’re looking forward to showering our lovers, friends and family with lots of hugs and kisses! Let’s not forget to mention the fun dates we plan to get dressed up for!

We don’t like to fret too much if our boyfriends or friends (Gal-entines anyone?) can’t celebrate on February 14th, especially if work, travel, or life gets in the way. The whole point of the holiday is to appreciate and celebrate all the types of love in your life whenever you can.

So whether you’re staying in and having a girl’s night, or going out on a romantic date, the best plans are the stress-free ones! Just remember the point is to have fun and keep it lighthearted since there are no rules when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

We wanted to spread a little Desi Doll love by sharing outfit inspirations for different types of dates that you may be going on for Valentine’s Day! In general, our motto is to look sexy but keep it classy.

We also think it’s fun to incorporate traditional Valentine’s colors, like pinks and reds into your look, but you can really wear any color as long as you feel confident and comfortable! If these looks don’t scream BE MINE to your Valentine, we seriously don’t know what will.


1. Upscale Dinner

A long, red scarlet dress is the perfect thing to wear for a fancy nighttime date. If you know you’re going dancing with the boo or to an upscale restaurant, a long flowing dress is elegant, and the color makes it romantic as well. Since this dress has a slit, it adds a little sexiness factor and is fun for when it’s time for that slow dance!

DD #1

DD #2


2. Club & Bar

Reach out of your comfort zone and opt for a wide leg pant suit instead of a traditional dress. It’s a fun way to still look dressed up while standing out from the crowd. The best part about this jumpsuit is the plunging sweetheart neckline! How perfect is it to wear an actual heart on the day of love?

Add a statement necklace and leopard print clutch to bring out your wild side and hopefully get that second glance across the room from your crush (amiright?). This look would be perfect for a night out clubbing with your girls if you’re single, or on a fancy date night out with your man.

DD #3

DD #4


3. Day Date

If you’re not feeling that committed to traditional Valentine’s Day colors, but want to show a little bit of spirit, try an all-white ensemble with flirty hints of pink. This look is romantic enough to wear to a Galentine’s day brunch or a cooking class date with your bae. It’s sure to keep you warm while using staple pieces you already have in your closet!

DD #6

DD #7

DD #8


4. Cuddle & Cook

If you plan to just stay in and have a cozy intimate date at home with your lover, we suggest going with a comfortable dress and layering it with a scarf. This is the perfect dressed down outfit for lounging around the fireplace or cuddling up with to watch a movie.

DD #9

DD #10


Whatever you end up doing (or not doing) for Valentine’s Day, be sure to spread some love to all the different people in your life who care for you and show you affection, whether it be your significant other, your best friends, or your family. And for all your fashion needs, inspiration, and advice be sure to check out our blog at www.thedesidolls.com and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

DD #11

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