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Spotlight: Mr. India Galaxy, Saksham Ghai

We were thrilled to sit down with Actor, Model and Mr. India Galaxy, Saksham Ghai!

Saksham Ghai is originally from Ludhiana in Punjab, India. He currently lives near San Francisco where he attends acting school. He started out with modeling and has slowly moved toward acting. He loves the thrill that he gets onstage and thinks that all opportunities are great opportunities.  With multiple agents in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Venezuela, Saksham keeps extremely busy!

Saksham Ghai Mr. India Galaxy

When we asked Saksham about preparing for the Mr. India America pageant, he told us about his rigorous training schedule; 7 days a week, 3 hours per day! Saksham had about 100 days to prepare for the pageant and competed against 30 other contestants for 9 different titles. He won awards for Mr. India Galaxy, Most Photogenic Face, and People’s Choice Award.

“When they called me out on stage, I was humbled to be given a title. Little did I know that, moments later, I would be given 2 additional titles, making this the first time in over 23 years that a contestant has taken 3 titles. Very grateful to Jinnder Chohaan (Organizer for Mr. India America Pageant)”

Saksham Ghai for Kama 2

When Saksham isn’t acting or modeling, you can find him reading or listening to audiobooks (he spends 6-10 hours per day reading!). His friends regularly refer to him as ‘Buddha’ or ‘Gandhi’. He’s also a huge advocate when it comes to giving back and getting involved in charities and organizations. 

One organization he is particularly passionate about is Feeding America:

“Feeding America is so important to me because I can’t see people living in pain and my grandma always tells me, ‘The little bit of rice you’re comfortably throwing away now because you’re full, kids in India would fight till death to have it.’ I do my best to cut waste & donate as much as I possibly can. Plus, my dad is a huge giver and I believe I picked this up from him.”

Saksham would love to get involved in organizations like Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters Of America, Boys & Girls Club Of America, Campaign For Tobacco-Free Kids, Canines For Disabled Kids and more!

Saksham Ghai for kama

Saksham is currently single. For all you hopeful bachelorettes, we asked he has a type. “I’m very flexible. As long as she’s a kind human being, we’re good to go,” he said.

When asked to describe his dream date, this kid-at-heart told us, “I would love to go on a date to a carnival!”

If you want to learn more about Saksham, make sure to check out his website here!

“I’d like to express my thanks to Kama for giving me an opportunity to be on your blog & to all who have been supporting me from all over the world. I do get thousands of messages daily & do my best to reply to as many as possible. I am where I am, who I am & whatever I am due to your love & support. Thank you.”- Saksham Ghai


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