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Spotlight: Getting to Know Harjas Singh

Toronto-based style consultant and eligible bachelor, Harjas Singh, sat down with us this week! Harjas told us about his own personal style, his favorite date night activities, and the central message behind his style he hopes to portray.


Finding His Passion

Harjas’ style evolved as he became older, and it still progresses today. He started off by wearing clothes that were a little too big but still color-coordinated. Later, it was beachy brands like Hollister and Abercrombie that taught him the importance of clothing that fit properly. Then when attending his University, he related more to stores like Zara, H&M, and Forever 21. By changing his look over the years, he was able to find his personal style.

Harjas embraced his turban and beard, making them central to his trademark look. He color-coordinates his turbans to all his outfits. Growing up in an area where he was the only one wearing a turban, he wanted to express this unique aspect of his Sikh religion to put his individuality on display! After creating his own personal style, he wants to help others find their own unique look as well.

Harjas found that many others also wanted to play around with colors, patterns, and shapes in their wardrobe but often wouldn’t know how. With the power of social media, he realized that he could help people discover their personal style and feel confident wearing something new.


Putting Family First

When he’s not doing photo shoots, styling clients, or attending events, Harjas works for his family’s business. His family deals with the import, distribution, and wholesale of food products. Harjas, who received a science and business degree, finds working for his family allows him to have steady income while also pursuing his love of fashion. Harjas’ father, who used to design women’s suits, is also one of his biggest inspirations.


Harjas’ Personal Life

From a young age, Harjas found ways to incorporate his turban and beard into his style. He successfully made his individuality work to his own fashionable advantage. He wants to help people who are struggling to find their identity to embrace and express their unique traits like he did.

Not only is he well-spoken, good-looking, and fun-loving, Harjas has a good heart and great ambition. Harjas is single, ladies, and he loves to have a good time on a first date to break the ice. When asked for a good first date spot, he said Dave & Busters because you get a good combination of games, music, drinks, and food!

We were so happy that we had the opportunity to get to know Harjas personally and share his story. Want to meet more Harjas and other incredible catches like him? Download Kama App today!

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