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Six Unique Date Ideas

So you’ve made the match, chatted it up, and decided you’re ready for the next step: meeting up in person. For most, this is the hardest step to actually follow through with due to all of the unknowns that are associated. Choosing a good time and unique place to meet up can be crucial; you want to choose an activity where you’ll be able to get a good idea of who your match is and also be in an environment where you’ll feel comfortable and safe. Many people opt. for drinks or coffee on the first date because it’s convenient. If you’re looking to switch it up and need some fun ideas for a first date, look no further! Here are six unique date ideas for a first date:


  1. Have a picnic! It’s easy, (mostly) free, and the interesting environment will likely create conversation starters. Get away from the noisy coffee houses or crowded bars and enjoy the fresh air. We suggest choosing a park with a nice large grassy area. Don’t forget to bring a blanket!Screenshot 2016-04-14 17.11.26
  1. Find live music! One of the benefits of listening to music is there’s always something to do if the conversation lulls. Many people enjoy listening to live music and it may even inspire you to get up and dance! Just remember to choose an appropriate genre of music for the date, you may not want to have an in-depth conversation at a rock concert.Screenshot 2016-04-14 17.12.02
  1. Painting and Wine! Taking a painting class together lets you see the other person’s work ethic and how they deal with challenges or pressure. Plus, learning something new with someone else can help build bonds and may ease some of the nervousness that can accompany a first date! Let your creative juices flow in a painting class!Screenshot 2016-04-14 17.12.44
  1. Escape Room! You’ve probably heard all the hype about escape rooms; they’re fun, challenging, and take you on an interactive adventure. These kind of dates allow you to solve problems together which can really build bonds between you. Plus, the storyline behind the escape room is always fun!Screenshot 2016-04-14 17.13.42
  1. Improv Show! If you’re lucky enough to live in a city where theatre is big, you should definitely take advantage of all the improv comedy shows! Improv shows are usually very reasonably priced and you can see top actors and comedians. Plus, laughing together can help get rid of any first-date jitters.Screenshot 2016-04-14 17.14.11
  1. Outdoor Movie Night! One of the best things about spring and summer? Outdoor movies! If you live in LA you can watch movies in a graveyard, if you live in NYC you can watch movies on a rooftop! Plus, most places let you bring blankets and food. This is a great alternative to the movie theatre which will make your date that much more memorable. Screenshot 2016-04-14 17.15.13
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  1. Startup Basics

    It’s true that choosing a good time and unique place to meet up is crucial. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us Avni. I think the most romantic one for me is to have a picnic in an environment where you’ll feel comfortable and safe.

    I really appreciate your work, Thanks for sharing. Great Job and keep it up 🙂

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