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Kama App interviews 24-year-old CEO and Global Spokesperson, Shinjini Das for #ShesTheBoss Series, highlighting Female South Asian Entrepreneurs.

She’s The Boss: How Shinjini Das Became CEO of a Global Brand at 24 Years Old

Shinjini Das is the global ambassador making waves for South Asian millennials in entrepreneurship and leadership. With her range of credibility, Shinjini holds valuable advice for those passionate about pursuing their dreams. She stands tall as CEO and Founder behind her own global company, The Das Media Group, a boutique digital strategy consulting firm. But, “Go Getter Girl” doesn’t stop there. She’s the driving face, voice, and mind of her own brand, a self-motivating spokesperson who has given talks at events all over the world. The news featured Shinjini countless times to promoting STEM and other fields of the future. She’s an engineer, she wrote for the Huffington Post, and she markets herself as a brand full-time. This young South Asian entrepreneur can do it all, and she wants you to realize you can too.

Stomping Grounds

San Francisco, CA

shinjini das kama shes the boss south asian entrepreneur

A Day In The Life of Shinjini Das

“My average workday is incredibly hectic and non-stop! My work days are 24/7. As an entrepreneur, my brand is my business, and my business is my brand, so, Shinjini is always on! However, I am excited everyday to lead my digital strategy consulting company, along with manage the direction of my global brand. This Go-Getter girl means business!

Looking towards the future, I am passionate about building the first global lifestyle brand led by an Indian-American. I want to help individuals all over the world achieve their greatest potential.It’s beautiful watching people tap into their ultimate capabilities with confidence.  I encourage everyone reading this, specifically South Asians, to venture out into different fields and create your own destiny. As an engineer, I branched out into the exciting world of international media. I would LOVE to see more South Asian Entrepreneurs inventing their own stories in innovative fields like this as well.”

Early Beginnings

“The world of multimedia in many ways found me. I was recommended to sign with official representation which has completely transformed my life. I guess you could say this is destiny. Since my childhood, I’ve been fascinated with global influence and recognition, especially serving in a powerful position to enact positive change. I always believed there should be more good people in positions of power who decide our future, but I also learned that not everyone who serves in the highest positions also have the highest moral fiber. I promised myself that, if I ever took the opportunity to be in a public position of power, I would serve as a real moral leader, someone who makes decisions for the benefit of humanity.”

The Journey So Far

“The outlets I’ve been featured on have truly made this most surreal experience for me! I have been featured on ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, Business Insider, Teen Vogue, Sirius XM, and quite a few others so far! They’ve all been so rewarding but the most amazing experience was my recent profile in FORBES as a 24-year-old CEO! However, what warmed my heart most was receiving thousands of messages of support, the majority international businesspeople who found my success story inspirational. They said this was a great win for women, and women of color especially. There not many female CEOs of color around the world… not yet at least. So, receiving such overwhelming support from people whom you respect was gratifying, definitely a sign to continue writing my story.

Another unforgettable experience, Usher’s New Look Foundation in Atlanta (yes, the actual singer, Usher) invited me to serve as a Motivational Minute speaker on youth personal branding. After I wrapped up my speech, a young girl from the audience came up to me and casually said, “I didn’t know I was a brand. I thought only McDonald’s was a brand.” I was heartened to know that this young girl realized her own self-worth by seeing herself as a brand for the first time in her life. I’m still emotional about this moment.”

Be-Your-Own-Boss Perks

“Managing my own firm, not to mention balancing my many other hats, is absolute insanity, to be honest! Thankfully, I have always been versatile enough to manage many different roles at once. What is maddening today is the volume of responsibilities on my plate at once but I am learning how to prioritize. I run through tasks with a decisive approach instead of spending a lot of time on one task. I believe in tight scheduling. There is no other way to manage my life. I have a lot of people in my life and I want to make sure that everyone is happy. My schedule may be hectic but what I’m doing is the experience of a lifetime!”

Shinjini Das South Asian Entrepreneur

Breaking Barriers

“I take my role as a woman of color in the public eye very seriously. My central goal is empowering others to achieve unapologetic ambition and unlock their greatest potential. The responsibility to empower people keeps me pushing forward. I am very excited to partner on several philanthropic efforts in causes closest to my heart such as global girls’ education and women’s empowerment, STEM education, and universal human rights. On a more personal note, my quest is writing the greatest story ever written by growing my digital strategy consulting company, as well as scaling my own international media brand. As an immigrant, I believe I am fortunate to live out my dreams in America. My story could not have been written anywhere else.

I am passionate about empowering women of the world uplifting their own self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, and self-belief. Women must realize our strength comes from within, not from our mothers, fathers, boyfriends, husbands, or friends. I want South Asian women to all fall in love with themselves. Self-love has been a critical part of my own journey. It’s first step towards loving anyone else, and then towards loving the world. South-Asian women should always speak up, live bold, and own their roots, because our heritage creates our identity, which shapes us in vital ways. Let’s make it happen, my desi girls!”

Shes The Boss Shinjini Das South Asian Entrepreneur

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