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She’s the Boss: Meet Mokshika Sharma, Co-Founder of Full Fridge

Photo Courtesy: Mokshika Sharma

Many first-generation South Asian Americans will vouch that their parents’ drive and determination to achieve the American Dream are what fuels their own aspirations to be extraordinary. For Indian native and Full Fridge co-founder, Mokshika Sharma, starting a company was partly a realization of her childhood dreams to be center-stage and partly a salute to her father’s sacrifices and unfulfilled wish to become an entrepreneur himself. Today, she is on the fast-track to solving a problem that so many of us deal with; too little time to cook healthy food. As we continue to celebrate the movers-and-shakers in the South Asian community here at Kama, we want to introduce you to this boss whose deep roots are the inspiration behind Full Fridge.

Stomping Grounds:

Austin, TX

The Gig:

“Full Fridge gives people time back because we deliver five homey cooked meals once a week at $5 a meal. What we want is to target those people who are either not eating right or spending too much money simply because they don’t have the time to properly grocery shop and cook, [such as] students, busy Millennials, busy parents, etc. We just launched in June 2016.”

full fridge

Photo Courtesy: Mokshika Sharma


“Being an entrepreneur empowers you to make a large impact on people’s lives and use technology to make their lives better. We live for the emails that tell us that our product helped someone when they were having a surgery, or that they’re too old and can’t cook anymore so they would love to use our service to help them out. [Moments like these] make up for the crazy hours and the ridiculously low pay.”

A Day in the Life:

“The day of an entrepreneur is often defined as chaotic and unstructured. There is lots of relationship building, and you have to wear a lot of different hats. When I first started out as an entrepreneur, I was invited to be part of a panel to talk about our failures as an entrepreneur. [The company I co-founded prior to Full Fridge] was only a few months old, so we didn’t have much to say. And being on a panel with other well-accomplished entrepreneurs, our failures were so insignificant, they almost felt petty.”

“That day, however, taught us that no matter what, this game is a game of resilience and perseverance, and it does not matter how much louder someone talked, but how long someone could stay in and work hard for what they wanted.”

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Early Beginnings:

“I was a software engineer at IBM before becoming an entrepreneur. When I was a kid, I always wanted people to recognize me and my talents, so that often came with ridiculous [dreams], such as anything from being a Bollywood actress to a famous scientist.”

Feel-Good Mojo:

“My father is the epitome of the American Dream. When I was 5 years old, he came here as a software engineer and became very successful in his career. Unfortunately, with having to take care of a family, he never got to realize his dream of an entrepreneur, but he always encouraged me to soak in everything I could so that I could one day forge my own path as an entrepreneur.”

“Those emails that I mentioned earlier [also keep me going] and knowing that you are working for a greater cause than yourself. It sounds crazy and cliche, but it only works because it’s true!”

full fridge

Photo Courtesy: Mokshika Sharma

The Success Manual:

  1. Take advice from as many mentors as you can. “And do not be hesitant to ask for help. One of my mentors from IBM told me that.”
  2. Prepare yourself for the ups-and-downs. “Being an entrepreneur is hard. It is the hardest thing that you will ever do. So be absolutely sure that you are ready for that journey, but also know that once you are on this journey, it is one hell of a trip!”
  3. Make your ideas come to life. “Ideas are plenty, but it is the team of entrepreneurs that makes them alive. So, work hard and be resourceful.”
  4. Own it. “Intelligence and confidence radiates, so always be sure that you are confident in yourself and it will always goes great!”

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