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Revolutionizing South Asian Dating; Introducing Premium and Android!

South Asian dating should be personal. Wouldn’t you rather hear what someone has to say than judge from a picture? That’s why Kama is introducing premium in-app purchases, along with our Android app, to help our users experience more from our dating app.

Premium “Intros” lend users the opportunity to grab the attention of someone extra special. Get the most from Kama by accelerating your message to the top of a prospective date’s inbox by sending them an”Intro.” Better yet, we’re also releasing a monthly subscription with great perks. You’ll get 60 intros a month and be able to view each day’s match prospects for up to 30 days. The advantages of these premium upgrades are be endless! 

Premium subscriptions and intros now available for purchase on all devices:

  • 10 Intros for $1.99
  • 50 Intros for $8.99
  • 100 Intros  for $17.99
  • Monthly Subscription for $9.99
    Give 60 Intros per month
    Allow potential matches to accumulate in your dashboard for 30 days
    (Free Version resets after only 7 days)


Kama made its debut in the iOS App Store in November 2015 and now hosts a network growing exponentially by month. In Fall of last year, we were only beginning. This time last year we had only zero followers and now, as Fall 2016 arrives, we break 10,000 on Instagram. Now, as we introduce Android users and in-app purchases, we can expand the Kama App community of unique, sophisticated individuals.
“It’s evident, from the tremendous growth we’ve experienced the first half of the year, that Kama is in a strong position to take South Asian dating to a whole new level,” said Trishul Patel, CEO and Co-Founder. “Kama is more than a dating app. We’re building a vibrant community of South Asians who are serious about making real connections.” Trishul Patel should know, considering he is own success story! In August, he proposed a woman he met on Kama…and she said yes!

With the release of the Android app and premium services, your chance of meeting someone right for you will also multiply. As we grow, we want you to grow with us.  This is still only the beginning of our mission to revolutionize South Asian dating. Let’s create something unforgettable and grow this South Asian space together.

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