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Party with a Purpose: The 9th Annual Aquarius Charity Affair

Kama App is a proud sponsor of the 9th Annual Aquarius Charity Affair The Final being held on Friday, January 29th in NYC’s Providence Nightclub. All of the revenue that is generated through bar sales will be donated to Action Against Hunger, making this black tie event free.

CAKE - 2014Innovator Raj Jhaveri has a lot of friends. His light, social nature and natural entrepreneurial spirit brought over 150 friends, colleagues, and classmates to the 1st Annual Aquarius Charity Affair in 2008, which raised over $1,000. Whenever Raj’s friends asked what he wanted for his birthday, he would “usually end up telling them to donate to a specific cause.” With an eye for entertainment, the wings of a social butterfly, and a heart for giving back, Raj decided to dedicate his birthdays to charity.

“At that time, I was volunteering with children at the Children’s Hospital in Boston,” he says of his experience at Harvard Medical School. “I saw what the Childhood Leukemia Foundation was doing, and it really inspired me. They were improving the quality of life for these terminally ill kids.” Already motivated by philanthropy, mixing charity with fun was a no brainer for the young entertainer.

The involved charity changes each year based on current events. “This year it’s about what’s going on with the earth quakes and the floods in Nepal,” Raj explains. Choosing the charity is a community decision, and Action Against GROUP SHOT 2 - 2013Hunger resonates with a lot of the event’s co-hosts. Raj makes sure the evening is special for everyone involved. “I’ve always wanted to build an atmosphere of quality,” he says after listing some exciting features, such as a photo booth (look out for our Kama logo!), free cupcakes, and a solid list of DJs. “In the end, I just want to make everyone feel like VIP’s.”

Kama hopes to help Raj set a record for donations this year, as this is likely the last event he will be putting together of its kind. We can’t wait to see what this generous social butterfly does next.

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