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5 Online Dating Tips For Upping Your Messaging Game


So, you’ve taken the first steps in online dating. You’ve downloaded Kama, created your profile, and matched with a potential date. Even with all of that behind you, you may still feel as though the hard part is yet to come; in-app messaging. If conversing with new matches has ever given you anxiety, or if you’re just looking to step up your game, we came up with a few dating tips to get you started.


Don’t wait too long

Show your match that you’re legitimately interested by messaging right away. Don’t make them question your pairing– get the ball rolling as soon as you can! Messaging right away shows you’re engaged and exciting to start talking to them, which are definitely the signals you want to send a potential date.



Use your match’s name in your first message

Think about it, when you meet someone in person, one of the first bits of information exchanged is your name. Since you already have this information, include their name in your first message to make it feel more personal. Studies show that when people hear their name they engage more in the conversation, so use this fact to your advantage.

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Get the conversation started with a mutual interest

If you’re stumped on your opening, try perusing your match’s profile for some ideas. If you notice a mutual interest, ask about it! If they like the Black Keys, ask their opinion on their newest album. Getting the conversation flowing can be the hardest part, so use the information at your disposal to get started.

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Don’t make grammar or spelling mistakes

This may seem obvious but it really counts. If someone rushed through the message, using weird abbreviations or spelling things incorrectly, it’s an immediate turn off. Sending a clear, mistake-free message shows your match that you actually spent time thinking about what to write and wanted to make a good impression.



Keep it simple, but just do it

Again, just getting started counts. A simple and sincere message can start off your conversation. When at a loss for what to say, just a simple salutation (including the person’s name) or expressing your excitement to be their match can go a long way. Honestly, just go for it! What are you waiting for?

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