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The Professional Elite

“My Life as a Professional Multitasker,” Personal Essay by Sheena Pradhan

Sheena Pradhan wears many hats and she rocks all of them. Nutritionist, model, writer, Miss USA contestant…and that merely scratches the surface of her wide range of experience. Sheena Pradhan has tried her hand (and succeeded) in just about everything from...
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She’s the Boss: Meet Minal Mehta, Co-Founder and President of BollyX

Photo Courtesy: Minal Mehta If you knew Minal Mehta growing up, you knew that she was always on the move—literally. Whether she was competing in sports or choreographing her latest dance, the Cerritos, Calif. native lived to be active. And while a South...
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She’s the Boss: Meet Mokshika Sharma, Co-Founder of Full Fridge

Photo Courtesy: Mokshika Sharma Many first-generation South Asian Americans will vouch that their parents’ drive and determination to achieve the American Dream are what fuels their own aspirations to be extraordinary. For Indian native and Full...
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She’s the Boss: Meet PriaVanda Chouhan, Chef and Restaurateur

Photo Courtesy: PriaVanda Chouhan For South Asians, the need for good food is in our blood. The ability to make it from scratch, on the other hand, is a learned skill—one that’s not exactly rocket science but often feels like one. Just ask chef...
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