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Catching Up With Beauty Expert, Deepica Mutyala

We sat down with beauty expert and television personality, Deepica Mutyala! If you’ve never heard of Deepica (shame on you!) she became an overnight YouTube sensation with help from a little red lipstick and some dark under-eye circles, earning her over nine million views. She’s worked for top makeup brands like L’Oreal and Birchbox and is now a Style Tastemaker for the TODAY Show while maintaining a YouTube channel with over 56,000 subscribers.
Deepica knew she was passionate about all things beauty from a young age. While her family dreamed of her pursuing a career as a doctor, she was more interested in stealing her mother’s lipstick and checking out the local makeup counter.  
“I wanted to find a way to turn my passion for beauty into a career but knew I needed to find a way of doing this that would still appease my parents. Not sure what it is about being South Asian, but I think we all have this desire to make our parents proud. It’s sort of what guides my daily decision-making. I don’t think they meant to make us feel this way, but it’s this deep-rooted feeling that they gave us all the opportunity in the world and wanting to thank them for it.”

Deepica Beauty Kama

Deepica found the best of both worlds while studying at the University of Texas as a marketing major. She was able to learn about the business side of beauty and work her way toward pursuing her dream career while still pleasing her parents.
“I really didn’t have a hesitation in pursuing beauty. My dad told me I made it clear to him I wasn’t going to follow the family trajectory early on in life, so naturally his second hope was for me to be a lawyer. I’ve always been that stubborn kid who wanted to prove people wrong. I think my desire to succeed in the beauty industry originally came from wanting to show my parents that it was possible to succeed in a non-traditional career path. Now, I would say it’s more something I am constantly wanting to prove to myself.”
After business school, Deepica began working for brands like L’Oreal and Birchbox. Along her journey, she realized what the marketplace was missing: a South Asian beauty guru!



Deepica talked about starting a Youtube channel for years. It was a New Year’s resolution that motivated her to make her first video.
When asked about the viral red lipstick video, Deepica shared why she thinks the video was so successful.
If I had any clue more than 9 million people would see this video, I think I would have done my hair better or put on a little more makeup, to be honest! However, I think that’s why it worked. I wasn’t trying at all. I was just sharing an organic tip that I learned from being in the beauty industry working with some of the biggest makeup artists in the world on color correcting and put my beauty hack twist to it by using a red lipstick. The video was authentic and raw. I was vulnerable and myself in it – that’s what works. Being yourself! Crazy concept huh?”
Deepica continued creating more authentic, fun videos which eventually landed her a job as Style Tastemaker for the TODAY Show. She produces content for TODAY.com and appears in regular, on-air segments for the TODAY Show. Making a name for yourself within the beauty industry isn’t as glamorous as one might think, Deepica tells us:
“Not many people realize that when I’m attending some fancy-pants event until 10pm, I am up editing until 3am, or that sometimes being on the TODAY Show means 4:30 a.m. call times, or that flying back and forth from NYC to LA for a 24 hr shoot means running on 2 hours of real sleep.”
However, Deepica also says she wouldn’t change anything. She’s thrilled to be living her dream career.

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When it comes to dating, Deepica likes a guy who can make her laugh, but is also a gentleman. She prefers a family man who is ‘humbitious.’
“I made this word up but “humbitious” essentially means you’re ambitious while still maintaining humbleness. That’s a rare combination from my experience. Someone with the drive and the hustle is the most attractive thing in the world to me, but you don’t need to brag about all of your accomplishments. Let me find that out on my own!”
Ready to take this firecracker on a date? She loves discovering speakeasies and trying new restaurants. She says a wine bar is the best kind of bar, “Whatever the date is, if it involves a heavy bodied red wine, you’re already winning in my book.”
Deepica Kama Blog

For girls getting date-ready, she says wear whatever makes you feel most confident because that confidence will shine through. “I haven’t met a guy who doesn’t like a soft smokey eye and nude lipstick look with your hair down,” Deepica says.
When she’s not at work, you’ll most likely find Deepica at a department store playing with makeup, or out exploring NYC. “If it’s the summer, I’m most likely on a rooftop frolicking around NYC and soaking in everything the city has to offer,” she said.


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So what’s next for Deepica Mutyala? She’ll keep influencing the beauty world, one YouTube video at a time. Oh, and she might create her own beauty line!
“The end goal has always been having my own beauty product line. I’ve been saying this since I was 16 and focused every business plan I had to create in college around it, but honestly, if the past year of my life has taught me anything it’s that you never know what life will throw your way!”
We have a feeling that no matter what’s in store for Deepica next, she’s going to rock it. Need inspiration for a date night look? Check out her YouTube channel here!


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