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Find and meet South Asians — anywhere, anytime

Introducing personalized dating and social discovery for South Asians

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About Kama

Kama is not the typical dating app, it’s smarter. We enhance your mobile dating experience by increasing the relevancy and sophistication of your matches. You don’t have to cross paths with someone, share mutual friends, or swipe endlessly to make high quality connections, Kama gives you full control over your search preferences. Our superior social discovery, geolocation, and connection logic creates the ultimate mobile dating and social experience for South Asians — it’s completely personalized and tailored to fit your lifestyle.

What makes us unique?

  • NEW! Premium in-app upgrades – Purchase “Intros” and send messages right to the top of a potential date’s inbox, without having to swipe
  • NEW! Available for both Apple and Android devices – more accessibility means more connectivity, chat with a myriad of users from all over the world
  • Unmatched reliability – your chats won’t delay or get lost
  • Fast and flexible location control – immediately responsive, no update time required
  • Precise social discovery filters – generate connections that perfectly fit your preferences
  • Privacy is our top priority – we have zero tolerance for spammers
  • Action-oriented environment – the app auto-expires inactive connections to encourage authentic interactions and high levels of engagement

Who is the app for?

South Asians who are active, driven, and who are looking for a meaningful connection with someone awesome. Our app is perfect for the busy professional who doesn’t want to deal with the clutter of Tinder, or for someone who is just looking to diversify their options.

Quality and simplicity — no games or gimmicks

Continuous “swiping” on dating apps or getting buried by a backlog of matches isn’t healthy. These overwhelming behaviors waste time. Psychologists have actually proven that the “choice overload problem” leads to less engagement and less satisfaction.

Kama is designed with simplicity and respect for our users. We aim to amplify (not interfere) with your success in many ways. Our strongest focus is on quality not quantity. You can expect an optimized bundle of three eligible candidates delivered to you three times a day. This naturally focuses your attention and drives the authenticity you deserve.


Powerful social discovery

Our laser sharp social discovery settings enable you to refine your search preferences by different ethnic groups, religion, age, proximity, location, or education. Changes are immediately effective without required delays commonly experienced in other apps (sometimes up to 24 hours!). This ensures we have the freshest data available to optimize your connections.

Flexible and fast geolocation

Instantly update your location settings to find possible matches near or far. We don’t limit your match possibilities to your social group or a particular location, we allow you to decide the location and particular mile radius that you want to look for companionship or friendship. Meaning, the possibilities are endless!


Date smarter, not harder

Kama sets reasonable time limits and a set schedule for receiving match opportunities three times a day (morning, noon, and evening). This set structure creates a predictable environment to give new connections your full attention and engagement. These handy limitations help you create space in your life to meet someone new. If you choose not to prioritize connections, then the chat time expiration kicks in. Connections start to expire every second they remain inactive.

Messaging speed you can trust

A major problem dating and socializing apps face today is basic chat functionality delays or complete failure. To prevent this, we have worked very hard to maximize delivery times and reliability by reinforcing our messaging platform with the fastest and most dependable infrastructure.

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